50 Most Affordable Selective Small Colleges for a Psychology Degree

Best Psychology Degrees - Most AffordableBy BPD Staff

Choosing which college to attend to earn an affordable psychology degree can feel overwhelming, and with good reason. After all, you are making a decision about the best place to spend four years (or more) of your life that will successfully pave the way for the rest of it. Location, tuition, research opportunities, and campus size are all criteria that you may take into consideration as you conduct your college search for an accredited psychology degree. You may be attracted to large universities because their names are more well known, but bigger does not always mean better.  The benefits of small colleges are numerous and should not be overlooked. For example, smaller class sizes lead to more opportunities to collaborate one-on-one with professors, and the small community aspect may lend itself to more learning opportunities outside of the classroom.

If you’re considering a career in psychology, you can feel secure in your choice, as the field is expected to grow by a healthy 12% before the year 2022.  An aspiring psychologist can earn an affordable psychology degree that can lead to employment in human resources, occupational counseling, mental health, aging services, social work, criminal justice, public relations, mentoring or education.

In addition to school size, additional factors for choosing best value psychology programs include school accreditation, degree specialization and affordability. The following list highlights 50 affordable options for accredited post-secondary schools offering a psychology degree in a smaller, more intimate learning environment.

All schools on our ranking of  small colleges for affordable psychology degrees have met the following criteria:

  • Undergraduate psychology degree offered in an on-campus or online format
  • Student population of fewer than 3,000 students
  • School reports a 40 percent or lower admissions rate, which identifies the most selective schools.

The data used to formulate the ranking list was obtained from the College Navigator website, part of the National Center for Education Statistics.

From among the initial pool of 71 schools that have fewer than 3,000 students and an acceptance rate of 40% or lower, the top 50 were ranked from high to low according to their average net price. Net price calculations are derived by subtracting the average amount of any financial assistance received by first-time undergraduates from total attendance costs encompassing tuition, fees, books, supplies, weighted room and board, or other expenses. Keeping in mind that while actual costs may vary, the ANP forms a basis for best value comparisons between schools.

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50. Colby College

Psychology Major



Cutting-edge research sets Colby’s affordable psychology degree program apart from the rest. The program emphasizes inquiry, discussion, and analysis of trending psychology theories and practices. Students can pursue a generalist track or one with a neuroscience concentration that combines the study of psychology and biology. Both cover human development, cognition, health, emotions, motivation, language, neurological processes, personality, perception, social behaviors, and psychopathology. The generalist track enhances competencies in communication, relationships, and motivation that are valuable to any professional endeavor. The neuroscience track focuses on research and analysis applicable to many science careers.

Net Price: $72,000/yr

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49. Bates College

Psychology Major



A psychology degree from Bates develops academic competencies through collaborative interactions between students, professors and community placement providers. The curriculum’s scope includes broad instruction about behavior and mental processes combined with real-world and laboratory activities that address student interests. Core content encompasses cognition and emotion, biology and health, development and personality, and sociocultural influences on behavior. Electives of particular note include those that examine the relationship between emotions and motivation, psychology and law, and the effects of music on the mind.

Net Price: $71,338/yr

Learn more about Bates College

48. Vassar College

Psychology Major



Participating in significant research underscores the psychology major at Vassar. Seminars and accompanying research labs investigate core areas of study about clinical psychology, physiology, sociology, cognition, learning, behavior, personality and emotions. Many of Vassar’s higher-level electives to personalize the degree explore topics usually found at the graduate level. These include such intriguing topics such as behavior genetics, states of consciousness, evolutionary psychology, sport psychology and psychological perspectives on the Holocaust. Participation in field work and independent study round out curriculum requirements.

Net Price: $58,770/yr

Learn more about Vassar College

47. Amherst College

Major in Psychology



An affordable psychology degree from Amherst translates into marketable skills that can be used in numerous occupations or qualifies graduates for master’s studies. The comprehensive curriculum expands a student’s knowledge base while probing into topics that provide greater insights into psychological theories and practices. Research and interactive experiences provide opportunities to explore and develop competencies. Innovative studies include topics such as the psychology of aging, personality development, motivation, music cognition, autobiographical memories, hormones and behavior, non-verbal communication, food and eating disorders, sports psychology, and the psychology of good and evil.

Net Price: $58,640/yr

46. Franklin & Marshall College

Psychology Major



Franklin and Marshall’s accredited psychology curriculum incorporates advanced research methods into traditional approaches that explore psychological theories and issues. Students investigate 21st-century questions about artificial intelligence, perceptual problems, and links between primate and human behavior. Combined with collaborative research and field experiences, graduates come away with a broad knowledge base to apply in any career choice. Course offerings include trending studies in neuroscience, animal behavior, sensation and perception, evolution of mind and intelligence, psychopathology and cross-cultural psychology.

Net Price: $58,615/yr

Learn more about Franklin and Marshall College

45. Reed College

Psychology Major



For an affordable psychology degree experience, Reed College might fill the bill. Based on strong intellectual foundations, the major explores behavior, relationships and how the mind works to unwrap psychological development principles. Students use research, thesis and internship components to investigate theories in practical contexts and present findings to professional groups. The degree can be individualized through elective studies, or students can pursue an interdisciplinary major in biology-psychology. Elective choices include courses such as the social self, attention and consciousness, psycholinguistics, memory, sensation and perception, forensics, and primate cognition.

Net Price: $58,440/yr

Learn more about Reed College

44. Barnard College

Psychology Major



Whether through interactive seminars or experiential learning, Barnard students can investigate varied psychological viewpoints and therapy techniques. Courses in perception, cognition and learning have accompanying labs for practical theory application. Higher-level classes branch out into trending studies about hormones and reproductive behavior, human learning and memory, impacts of substance abuse, leadership dynamics and psychoanalysis. Field work and research activities include placements through the Barnard Toddler Center and approved individual study settings. Graduates find competitive employment in psychology-related occupations or continue with master’s studies.

Net Price: $58,068/yr

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43. Colgate University

Psychology Science Major



Majoring in psychology at Colgate is a smart move for those interested in cutting-edge theory and hand-on experiences that elevate traditional and contemporary issues in the field. Beyond rigorous fundamental studies in cognition and behavior, students can elect to take courses of interest that personalize their degree. For example, “Bonding without Boundaries” examines how children process information and looks at creative instructional methods, such as drama and music, that can facilitate learning. Research and field work experiences in state-of-the-art facilities and competitive placements complete degree requirements.

Net Price: $58,045/yr

Learn more about Colgate University

42. Williams College

Psychology Major



An affordable psychology degree from Williams can help pave the way for exciting careers across numerous professions. Williams’ psychology curriculum uses an interdisciplinary approach supported by strong research and experiential learning activities. Students can concentrate their degree or double-major in neuroscience, teaching, leadership, legal studies or cognitive sciences. Requirements include completion of core classes, approved electives, lab courses, an independent study and capstone seminar. Graduates report employment in medicine, law, business, education, epidemiological consulting, coaching and community service, while others have chosen to continue studies to become licensed psychologists.

Net Price: $56,970/yr

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41. Pomona College

Psychological Science Major



Pomona may give off a laid back vibe, but its dynamic psychology program energizes students through rigorous intellectual pursuits and exciting field experiences. This accredited psychology degree’s unique approach examines behavior from a socio-cultural context and provides opportunities to research the effects of diversity, power and economics on intellectual and behavioral development. Studies specific to this purpose include psychological approaches to studying people, Chicano/Latino cultural psychology, psychology of the African American experience, Asian American psychology, multicultural education, contemporary prejudice, and global migration.

Net Price: $56,678/yr

Learn more about Pomona College

40. Hamilton College

Psychology Major



The flexibility of a Hamilton psychology degree enables graduates to pursue diverse careers in finance, mental health, school psychology, marketing research and the legal profession. Academics have a strong neuroscience foundation supported by a wealth of research and field experiences. Studies explore intriguing topics such as environmental psychology, autobiographical memories, neural plasticity, how media and technology affect children, and the psychology of reading and language. Electives like social psychology, adult psychopathology or child development personalize the degree.

Net Price: $56,530/yr

Learn more about Hamilton College 

39. Bowdoin College

Psychology Major



If thinking outside the box sounds appealing, then Bowdoin’s affordable psychology degree may be a program to consider. Built on the latest behavioral approaches and research methods, courses probe topics such as phobias, Alzheimer’s, and therapeutic treatments to combat bacterial threats. Students can also opt for the neuroscience program, an interdisciplinary effort that examines behavioral and biological relationships in humans and animals. Independent study experiences include an extensive written literature review, interactive field project, or laboratory investigation completes degree requirements.

Net Price: $56,350/yr

Learn about Bowdoin College

38. Middlebury College

Major in Psychology



Graduates with Middlebury’s affordable psychology degree possess the academic competencies and practical skills necessary to make a difference in diverse career settings. The curriculum provides understanding of emotions, motivation and behavior from varied clinical and theoretical perspectives including sociocultural, cognitive, bio-neurological, developmental and environmental viewpoints. Many students engage in independent study or thesis research and publish their findings in scientific journals or present them at professional conferences. Psychology majors can personalize their degree by earning dual degrees or minors in neuroscience, environmental studies, education, or sociology.

Net Price: $56,216/yr

Learn more about Middlebury College

37. Haverford College

Psychology Major



Understanding human behavior and what influences it plays a big part in Haverford’s psychology program. Students study the discipline from historical and modern perspectives while using research and hands-on experiences to put theories into practice. Rigorous coursework emphasizes studies about behavioral, personality, social, biological, cognitive and cultural psychology. Graduates from Haverford have gone on in recent years to work in the fields of clinical psychiatry, psychology, education, social work, public health, medicine, neuroscience, management and law.

Net Price: $56,200/yr

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36. Wellesley College

Psychology Major



As a school devoted to quality education for women, Wellesley’s affordable psychology degree provides an excellent foundation for careers where the tools to analyze and understand behavior impact job performance. The curriculum spans topics about the psychology of education, clinical practices, neuropsychology, human development and behavior, sociocultural psychology, cognition and personality disorders. Strong research and field experiences provide opportunities to test theories in real-world settings. In addition to entering the workforce upon program completion, many graduates choose to pursue master’s degrees or to conduct research.

Net Price: $56,052/yr

Learn more about Wellesley College

35. Washington and Lee University

BA/BS with Cognitive and Behavioral Science Major



W&L provides high-quality, affordable psychology degree options relevant for 21st-century professionals. Students can opt for a Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science program. The BA focuses on broader theoretical perspectives and practices, while the BS takes an in-depth research approach. Cutting-edge courses for the BA include the psychology of humor, evolutionary psychology, the pursuit of happiness, sports psychology, and gender role development. Trending classes for the BS cover sensation and perception, attention, developmental psychopathology, and neural mechanisms of motivated behavior. Degree completion leads to competitive employment opportunities or graduate studies.

Net Price: $54,830/yr

Learn more about Washington and Lee University

34. Swarthmore College

Psychology Major



Swarthmore’s degree can be specialized in psychology and education, or neuroscience. Exciting opportunities exist to practice theory through part-time research jobs, independent projects guided by faculty, or off-campus placements at home and abroad. Intensive studies cover professional topics about clinical psychology practices, social psychology, behavioral neuroscience, gender and psychopathology, neuropharmacology, judgment and decision-making, and cognitive science. Graduates with this affordable degree have found competitive entry-level positions in the fields of psychiatry, clinical psychology, social work, and counseling.

Net Price: $54,256/yr

Learn more about Swarthmore College 

33. Davidson College

Psychology Major



Outcomes of a psychology degree from Davidson include understanding research and psychology principles to advance into further graduate studies or embark on a career that promotes positive relationships, effective communication and cooperative problem solving. The curriculum incorporates studies in psychology and ethics with lab experiences, internships and field research to develop a dynamic knowledge base in the discipline. Engaging topics of study include psychopathology across the lifespan, abnormal psych, child and adolescent development, personality, industrial and organizational psychology, drugs and behavior, social psychology and educational psychology.

Net Price: $52,991/yr

Learn more about Davidson College

32. Hope International University

Psychology (B.A.)



The B.A. in Psychology at Hope allows graduates to pursue careers in school psychology, counseling, social work, forensic psychology, industrial and organizational psychology, marriage and family therapy or neuropsychology. The 120-credit program investigates traditional, faith-based, and trending 21st-century psychology perspectives. Content explores counseling and personality, psychological testing, psychology practices across the lifespan, and psychology and religion. Participants have opportunities for hands-on experiences through volunteering at mental health facilities and non-profit youth and family groups.

Net Price: $34,450/yr

Learn about Hope International University 

31. Houston Baptist University

Psychology Program (BA)



HBU promotes quality education for its affordable psychology degree. The program offers diverse learning experiences through classroom studies, lab activities, field placements and supervised internships. The curriculum develops critical thinking, analytical skills and interpersonal communication that benefits any professional career and prepares graduates for master’s level work towards certification in psychology. Electives that can shape the degree to meet individual career goals include health psychology, human sexuality, personality, child psychopathology, dying and bereavement, counseling theories and cultural psychology.

Net Price: $33,450/yr

Learn more about Houston Baptist University

30. Barton College

Bachelor of Science (B.S)



From rigorous studies about trending psychology issues to personalized educational experiences, Barton’s professors and community mentors prepare students for numerous occupational endeavors or to attend graduate school. Competencies address human development, communication, personality, assessment, multiculturalism, cognition, learning and motivation. Students also participate in 150 hours of supervised field work in community placements such as the Autism Society, Human Centric, the Wesley Shelter, Fike High School, Wilson Recreation Center, Mediation Center of Eastern Care, the Neurology Clinic, the Wilson Police Department Forensic Unit or the Wilson Sleep Clinic.

Net Price: $32,590/yr

Learn more about Barton College

29. Mount Mary University

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology



To find out why people really do the things they do, enter the affordable psychology degree program at Mount Mary University. Studies focus on the cognitive, biological, and social factors that influence behavior and thought. With this type of background, graduates have marketable skills for any occupation where job performance relies on interpersonal communication. Degree foundations also prepare students for future graduate studies with trending studies in learning, sociology, emotion, personality, animal behavior, sensation and perception, physiology and mental health. Coursework schedules are flexible with day or evening classes.

Net Price: $32,120/yr

28. Catawba College

B.A., Psychology



This affordable psychology degree provides a generalist approach for students intending to use their skills in entry-level jobs or to continue with studies to become a licensed psychologist. The major consists of 30 core and elective credits that students can shape to create a personalized program of study. Many decide to double-major in sociology, law, recreation or education for enhanced degree marketability. Core classes cover behavioral science, social psychology, learning and cognition, personality, child and adolescent development, abnormal psych and experimental psychology. Practicum experiences in community settings accompany coursework.

Net Price: $31,436/yr

Learn more about Catawba College

27. Crown College

BA in Psychology/BS in Psychology/Counseling


On Campus B.A.
Online B.S.

Crown offers a best value B.A. through on-campus classes or a B.S. via an accredited online psychology degree format. The B.A. develops knowledge and counseling skills to enhance careers in numerous professions, including the ministry. The B.S. degree approaches psychology from a faith-based perspective designed for Christian counseling contexts. Each program spans 125 credits and provides insight into human development and behavior, assessment and listening techniques, counseling theory and skill building practices. Graduates have educational foundations to continue with studies for a master’s in psychology.

Net Price: $27,989/yr campus, $15,124/yr online

Learn more about Crown College

26. Wilson College

Psychology Major



With a mission to make liberal arts programs accessible to the community, Wilson offers a comprehensive psychology major encompassing traditional 21st-century perspectives. Skill-based courses in statistics and research methods assist program goals to develop mastery of psychological inquiry and behavioral analysis, while internships and service learning projects enhance professional competencies. This popular major prepares graduates to complete further educational studies in the field or to enter careers in clinical psychology, forensic psychology, health sciences, teaching, counseling, advertising, conflict resolution, or social work.

Net Price: $25,300/yr

Learn more about Wilson College

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25. Warner University

Major in Psychology



Warner University understands that an affordable psychology degree can enhance competitive employment opportunities in a variety of entry-level positions in marketing, human resources or management. Additionally, program requirements meet the standards to pursue graduate work leading to higher-level psychology degree jobs. Cores studies and electives in the 36-credit major encompass psychological theories about lifespan development, personality, abnormal behaviors, socio-cultural norms, cognition, assessments, counseling techniques, death and dying, substance abuse, sports, and organizational behavior. Studies are accompanied by lab and field work experiences.

Net Price: $25,030/yr

24. Columbia International University

BS in Psychology



This program contrasts world-view and Christian perspectives of psychology and develops approaches to meeting the mental, emotional, relational and spiritual needs of people. General education studies include theology and Christian service learning courses. Classes in the major cover psychology foundations, human development, physiology, counseling models, group dynamics, personality, cultural anthropology, cognition, human intimacy, and family and youth counseling. Research and field experiences support the curriculum. Graduates with this degree go on to careers in education, social work, juvenile counseling or the ministry.

Net Price: $24,100/yr

Learn more about Columbia International University

23. Ohio Valley University

Psychology Major (Bachelor of Science)



As a Christian liberal arts institution, OVU offers rigorous academics combining world-view and Christian perspectives in relevant career fields. The psychology major earns a generalist degree designed for entry-level positions in diverse occupations. Students can concentrate the degree in pre-professional studies, Christian counseling or human services. All options consider foundations in behavioral psychology, research principles and counseling practices. The pre-professional and human services options prepare students for master’s programs to become licensed clinical psychologists, marriage and family therapists, counselors or social workers.

Net Price: $21,750/yr

Learn more about Ohio Valley University

22. Toccoa Falls College

Counseling Psychology Major



Toccoa Falls’ innovative and affordable counseling psychology program blends traditional theories and practices with faith-based principles. Graduates learn practical counseling skills valuable for the ministry, community service, mentoring positions or leadership roles. Content takes an in-depth look at human development, relationships, emotional needs, personality theories, religious counseling principles, and counseling practices for individuals, families and groups. Additional electives cover topics such as sexuality, adolescence, and learning theories. Requirements include completion of a counseling internship or research project.

Net Price: $21,120/yr campus, $11,238 online

Learn more about Toccoa Falls College

21. Calumet College of Saint Joseph

B.S. in Psychology



At CCSJ, small class sizes and experiential learning enhance the academic process to earn a B.S. in psychology. Graduates are employable at entry-levels in health, education, social, business, or religious vocations or can pursue higher degrees to earn psychology licensure. To prepare for these outcomes, the 125-credit curriculum delves into studies about human development and learning, behavior, intellect, emotion, personality, rehabilitation and research. Practical application skills are gained in field experiences through supervised placements in clinics, schools, community agencies or professional work settings.

Net Price: $20,370/yr

20. Emmaus Bible College

Bachelor of Science in Counseling Psychology



Emmaus’ degree in psychology counseling fulfills prerequisites for assistant or technician careers at the paraprofessional level or to continue with graduate studies in Christian or secular master’s programs. The degree focuses on effective counseling practices as used in ministry or community counseling vocations. Intensive studies encompass Biblical counseling viewpoints, traditional psychology theories, and evidence-based counseling practices. The curriculum expands understanding of identifying problems, delivery of care, diversity appreciation, counseling techniques, behavioral science and research applications.

Net Price: $19,250/yr

Learn more about Emmaus Bible College

18. Dallas Christian College

Bachelor of Science in Psychology and the Bible



Dallas Christian’s affordable psychology degree encourages students to improve personal and community well-being through their careers. Students can enroll in traditional on-campus classes or pursue the online psychology degree, which offers a perfect choice for many adult learners to earn a bachelor’s. The 129-credit curriculum encompasses courses in theology, general education, psychology foundations and related electives plus a supervised internship. Degree skills enhance marketability and job performance for entry-level positions across the employment spectrum and prepare graduates for further studies to become a licensed psychologist.

Net Price: $17,495/yr

17. Virginia Union University

Psychology Major



Virginia Union’s interdisciplinary psychology program prepares graduates for leadership in careers at the bachelor’s level and to complete master’s work in clinical psychology, counseling, industrial and organization psychology, school psychology, urban planning and theology. The curriculum broadly addresses psychology principles, research practices, human development across the lifespan, assessments, abnormal psych, biological and sociocultural influences on the mind, learning theory and cognition. Students demonstrate competencies through field experiences in real-world settings such as the Juvenile Detention Center, YWCA, Geara Group, sleep clinics, and area research labs.

Net Price: $17,486/yr

Learn more about Virginia Union University

16. Florida Memorial University

BA/BS in Psychology



This multifaceted, 122-credit program trains students to assess behavior and use evidence-based practices to encourage positive change. Studies include understanding the causes and development of psychological disorders, the impacts of emotions, sexuality and culture on behavior, and acquiring competencies to improve motivation, self-esteem and sensitivity perception. Graduates can work in entry-level, paraprofessional positions for mental health agencies, healthcare facilities, rehabilitation centers, public education, or social work groups. For those aspiring to work as licensed therapists or psychologists, the program lays a solid foundation for master’s work.

Net Price: $16,236/yr

Learn more about Florida Memorial University

15. Paine College

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology



For a best value psychology degree with personalized career focus, Paine could have the right program to consider. Majors can tailor degrees in counseling, experimental or generalist studies to work in clinical psychology, mental health, education, neurobiology, health sciences, or research professions. Program completion requires participation in internships and research activities to earn practical experience through collaborative partnerships with national and local organizations, which provide future networking opportunities for finding competitive employment. Graduates can enroll in master’s or doctoral studies in their chosen emphasis or apply for entry-level paraprofessional positions.

Net Price: $16,096/yr

14. Mid-Atlantic Christian University

BA/BS in Counseling and Psychology



This 127-credit program combines a Biblical Studies major with a Counseling and Psychology major leading to BA or BS degrees. Program outcomes include understanding how emotional, spiritual, and mental needs impact relationships and personal growth and developing marketable skills for paraprofessional careers in education, rehabilitation, the justice system, mental health or ministerial counseling. Both tracks involve internship training in counseling settings. Coursework explores marriage and family counseling, human sexuality, spiritual development, cross-cultural communication and human services. Many graduates continue in master’s or doctoral work leading to professional licensing.

Net Price: $14,880/yr

Learn more about Mid-Atlantic Christian University

13. Wilberforce University

BA/BS in Psychology



Wilberforce promotes accessibility to all academic endeavors including its affordable psychology degree. Depending on career goals, students can earn BA or BS degrees. BA recipients often work in fields such as social work, education, or sociology. The BS provides a stronger clinical focus designed for work in research or therapeutic occupations. Courses investigate methods to critically analyze human behavior and use effective counseling practices to facilitate change. Either degree can be a foundation for further graduate studies leading to licensure in psychology.

Net Price: $13,250/yr

Learn more about Wilberforce University

12. Touro University Worldwide

Online Bachelor’s of Arts in Psychology



Touro’s accredited online psychology degree appeals to adult learners who need flexible scheduling. The APA-guided program takes a holistic approach to studying human behavior and mental well-being while building personal and professional competencies that lead to global career prospects and higher-level academic pursuits. Curricular studies incorporate in-depth investigation of learning and cognition, developmental and experimental psychology, sociocultural influences on the mind and behavior, and the etiology of psychological disorders. Concentrated electives individualize the degree in secondary education, elementary education, special education, or industrial and organizational psychology.

Net Price: $12,000/yr

11. The Lincoln University

BA/BS in Psychology



The Lincoln University has a diversified undergraduate psychology degree that can be specialized in clinical counseling, organizational psychology or bio-psychosocial health. Foundational courses cover core content for the major, while electives develop areas of concentration. Additional components include research activities and field experiences. A clinical counseling concentration prepares students for research and therapeutic careers. The organizational specialty allows students to emphasize studies in sports, health or communications. Students in the bio-psychosocial degree prepare for future careers in health and research industries.

Net Price: $11,718/yr

10. New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology – New Mexico Tech

BS in Psychology



This affordable psychology degree program provides the right foundations for advanced specializations in the field. The 120-credit curriculum explores fundamental theories and practices related to language and communication, feelings and emotions, learning and memory, intelligence, thought, perception and attention. Competencies are developed through lab experiments studying human behavior and independent research studies. While most graduates go into master’s programs upon completing the program, those who enter the workforce bring valuable skills sets to deal with human resources and relationships in any career field.

Net Price: $8,158/yr

9. University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff

Psychology Program – Bachelor of Science



Meeting the needs of people wherever one works and lives describes the mission of the UAPB psychology program. A hallmark includes continual curricular development in response to psychology trends resulting in new offerings like human psychophysiology, social psychology, and the relationship between stress, health and disease. Additionally, student-centered research and hands-on activities make connections between theories and effective therapeutic practices. Graduates with this bachelor’s usually continue with advanced studies or pursue varied careers in mental health, rehabilitation, social services, addiction counseling, business, marketing or education.

Net Price: $8,064/yr

8. Concord University

BS in Psychology



Through theoretical and applied courses, this highly affordable psychology degree encourages students to connect behavior and thought with cultural and environmental influences. Core studies build on foundations of behavior, research, assessment, cognition, sociocultural constructs, and learning. Electives personalize the degree and cover a wide range of topics including sexuality, industrial and organizational practice, substance abuse, personality and behavior disorders. Graduates can find employment in psychology-related fields or continue with advanced studies for professional careers as psychologists in clinical practice, education, industry, medicine or law.

Net Price: $8,050/yr

7. Brigham Young University-Hawaii

B.S. in Psychology



The psychology major at BYUH earns graduates a generalist degree to work in people-oriented occupations involving human resource management, public welfare, marketing, teaching, consulting, or administration. The degree also acts as a stepping stone to master’s programs to earn licensing credentials in psychology. Material includes core studies in research methods, psychological theory, development, behavior, cognition, sociology and pathologies of the mind. Electives allow majors to focus remaining studies in interest areas such as consumer behavior, organizational behavior, cultural psychology, psychotherapy, multivariate statistics, animal behavior, sports psychology, or intercultural conflict dynamics.

Net Price: $7,627/yr

6. Southern University at New Orleans

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology



This affordable psychology degree program guides students to apply psychology principles in work and life situations to improve the human condition. Degree flexibility allows some students to complete the bachelor’s curriculum in three years. Students engage in studies that examine human behavior through cultural, social, economic, developmental, emotional, perceptual, physiological, educational, and legal perspectives. Independent study and research activities complete the requirements. Graduates are expected to continue with master’s work or use their psychology skills to advance in other professions.

Net Price: $7,230/yr

5. Fort Valley State University

Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Psychology



Offering a flexible, affordable psychology degree, FVSU preps students with required competencies to find employment in psychology-related fields or to pursue further education towards licensing credentials. Graduates from this program have gone on to work at addiction centers, mental health facilities, schools and various government agencies. Program components span 125 credits across general education and core psychology classes, personalized electives and a supervised internship. The program can be taken through traditional brick-and-mortar classes or as a completely accredited online psychology degree.

Net Price: $6,848/yr campus, $6,320/yr online

4. Central State University

 Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology



CSU offers a bachelor’s in psychology with a universal curriculum to develop a variety of professional skills valuable to interpersonal communication and human resources development across occupations. Studies explore human growth and development, behavior, emotions, personality, and evidence-based psychology practices. Experiential learning supports instruction in collaborative settings such as health clinics, the juvenile justice system, school counseling programs and child welfare agencies. Graduates can find pre-professional jobs working in psychiatric programs, daycare, child welfare, management or the court system. They can also pursue advanced studies to become licensed psychologists.

Net Price: $6,726/yr

3. University of South Florida-Sarasota-Manatee

BA in Psychology



The USF Sarasota-Manatee psychology degree offers high-quality, well-rounded training for students to pursue careers and advanced studies in behavioral and social science fields. Intensive studies explore cognition, learning, neuroscience, assessments, aging, clinical practices, emotions, counseling techniques, personality, and disorders of the mind. Requirements also include supervised directed studies to apply theories in real-world situations. Graduates can find entry-level positions in social work, research, human resources, healthcare or justice careers. They can also continue with advanced studies to become a licensed psychologist in forensics, sports, clinical research or industry and organization.

Net Price: $5,580/yr

2. Berea College

Psychology B.A.



Through the Tuition Promise Scholarship awarded to all admitted students, Berea offers the most affordable psychology degree on the list. Course components include general education requirements, core classes in the major, lab classes, related electives, and a capstone research project. By studying neuroscience, cognition, personality, multiculturalism, social psychology and clinical methods through interactive lectures and field work, students can gain professional competencies expected for people-oriented careers in business, social services, the justice system or education. Curricular foundations also provide necessary elements for advanced studies in clinical, experimental, applied, educational, or industrial psychology.

Net Price: $600/yr

1. College of the Ozarks

Psychology, Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Science



The College of the Ozarks offers one of the most flexible, affordable psychology degree programs available. Instruction combines a biblical-based worldview with traditional psychology approaches to develop pre-professional knowledge and skills. Experiential learning through community field work allows students to define their career goals. Degree outcomes anticipate students will continue with graduate studies to work in general counseling, criminal justice, clinical psychology, social services or school counseling careers. Those entering the workforce will be suited for many entry-level positions as assistants or technicians in fields such as health, education, law or advertising.

Net Price: $14,600/yr

Narrowing down options for undergraduate psychology programs can be challenging as you consider your career goals and financial costs. Fortunately, these best-value options take the guess-work out of financial considerations for possible school choices in a small setting.  If a large university is more your stride, don’t miss our ranking of the Top 50 Universities to Earn a Psychology Degree. No matter your size preference, we hope that we’ve made finding an affordable psychology degree that meets your expectations a little bit easier.

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