Jobs You Can Get With a Psychology Degree

Students pursue psychology to learn about the human mind and behavior and they often move into jobs involving psychology directly. Students also pursue degrees in psychology for jobs in education, childcare, psychiatry, law enforcement, intelligence gathering and academia.

5 Popular Jobs for Psychology Degree Holders

1. Engineering Psychologist

People in this career use psychology to examine how consumers use machines and other technology. These professionals investigate methods to improve the interaction between people and machines in environments including homes and workplaces. Thus, environmental safety is a goal in this career. Average salary for engineering psychologists is $79,818. Salary is higher in private sector jobs than academic ones.

2. Forensic Psychologist

By combining psychology with criminal investigation, forensic psychologists solve legal cases for lawyers. Various movies and television shows have inspired people to pursue this career. However, the job is not as exciting compared to the way it is portrayed in entertainment. Insurance claim and child custody cases are common in this career. Additionally, these professionals examine criminals and victims regarding their mental state to stand trial. To solve cases, forensic psychologists team up with other experts. Average salary for forensic psychologists is $59,440.

3. Industrial-Organizational Psychologist

Workplace behavior is the heart of industrial-organizational psychologists. These professionals use psychology to improve the workplace. Some responsibilities include assessing employees and job candidates. Thus, these psychologists are in high demand in companies. Doctorate degrees lead to higher salary. Average salary for this job is $97,820.

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4. School Psychologist

Children need someone to talk to when they are young, which is the case during school attending years. School psychologists console children to ease students about emotional and social problems affecting their academic performance. Due to government funding increase targeting the mental health of children, school psychologists are in higher demand than ever. Average salary for school psychologists are $59,440.

5. Child Psychiatrist

Psychology involves medicine to treat mental health problems. There is an increase in child mental health issues, which child psychiatrists can treat by diagnosing patients and prescribing medication. To become a psychiatrist, medical school and residency are necessary. However, the education and training pay off because the average salary for child psychiatrist is $189,301.