Psychology Doctoral Programs in Wyoming

Psychology students from across the plains choose to study in Wyoming because it provides some of the best regional options for earning a doctoral degree. Graduates of Wyoming’s doctoral programs in psychology have gone on to work as leaders of government agencies, hospitals, research institutions, and local clinics. They have also started their own private practices, worked as consultants, and gone into academia. Prospective graduate students in Wyoming have access to resources like teaching assistantships, research assistantships, scholarships, fellowships, and non-departmental assistantships. A doctoral degree in the field is a requirement to earn a license for clinical practice, opening the door to a wide range of career options.

University of Wyoming

College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Psychology

Within this department’s atmosphere of intellectual rigor, students train extensively in psychological theory and methods. They benefit from the university’s numerous research laboratories and its UW Psychology Clinic. Using a mentorship model, students typically work with dedicated faculty members to focus on a particular area of emphasis. This department takes pride in the fact that instead of competing with each other, students work together. Offering a full range of educational options, this department’s capstone program is its doctoral degree in clinical psychology.

Clinical Psychology PHD

Using the scientist-practitioner model of study, this program emphasizes the scientific basis of the field. That means students learn to critically evaluate research literature and approach assessments and therapy within a framework that is scientifically valid. Students complete a series of didactic courses that focus on research methodology, statistics, research design, and the implementation of scientific studies. The program is designed to be completed in five years, and awards a master’s degree along the way to the doctoral credential. Students spend the final year of their studies completing a 12-month pre-doctoral internship, which is preceded by multiple practica experiences. On average, students take 5.5 years to graduate, and between 2005-2013 95 percent of graduates chose to become professionally licensed after earning their degree.


  • The clinical psychology PhD program is accredited by the APA’s Commission on Accreditation (CoA) and the Association of State and Provincial Psychology Boards/National Register (ASPPB/NR).


Department of Psychology
University of Wyoming
Dept. 3415
1000 E University Ave
Laramie, WY 82071

(307) 766-6303
[email protected]
Program Website

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Having earned a doctoral degree in psychology, graduates will have met the educational requirements to become professionally licensed in Wyoming and potentially other states as well. Holding a terminal degree in psychology allows aspiring psychologists to reach their full professional and personal potentials, maximizing their number of career choices and the impact they can have in their field. This is why Wyoming attracts a diverse range of dedicated, motivated, and enthusiastic students to its doctoral program in psychology.