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For those looking to enhance their educational experience, there are a number of doctoral programs in psychology in Washington. Though most people think of Washington as the unofficial capital for coffee shops, for beautiful landscapes and outdoor activities like rafting or fishing, there are also a number of educational opportunities available. The Evergreen State is home to several world class colleges and universities with programs that are accredited and well known for training some of the best psychologists in the country. When seeking out a doctoral program in Washington, it can be in your best interest to look into and consider the following programs:

Seattle Pacific University

School of Psychology, Family, and Community

The School of Psychology, Family, and Community at Seattle Pacific University has a strong commitment of educational excellence for its students. The curriculum is faith-based and rooted in academics. Additionally, the school teaches a commitment to service in the community. The school also puts a focus on research and effective practice of the psychological discipline. The curriculum at the school is comprehensive and covers a variety of consulting, clinical training and service both on campus and off. Students are also encouraged to participate in a number of professional opportunities. The faculty is devoted to their work and often invites students to participate in their research.

Clinical Psychology Ph.D.

The clinical psychology Ph.D. that is offered by Seattle Pacific University is ideal for those who embrace a worldview from a Christian standpoint and those who are committed to enhancing the lives of those who struggle with psychological conditions. This is one of the accredited doctoral programs in Psychology in Washington and offers students an exceptional opportunity to earn their degree.

This is a full-time program that typically takes about five years to complete. The curriculum is based on a “local clinical scientist” model which is seen as an expansion of the scientist-practitioner model in clinical psychology. The program features a balanced curriculum of research as well as clinical practice. Coursework is designed to bring together biology, psychology and sociology to give graduates a solid understanding of people.

Upon graduation, students will often work as clinicians, but also as scholars, program directors and as supervisors.


  • The School of Psychology, Family and Community is accredited by the American Psychological Association.

Clinical Psychology
Seattle Pacific University
3307 Third Ave. W., Ste. 107
Seattle, WA 98119
Phone: 206-281-2839
Program Website

University of Washington

Department of Psychology

The Department of Psychology at the University of Washington is one of the largest at the school. The department is home to an internationally recognized faculty that many consider to be pioneers in psychology. The program looks at all aspects of psychology from clinical and cognitive to development and social perspectives. Graduate students in the department are taught to think creatively and critically about psychology and gain this knowledge through research, internships and classroom instruction. The curriculum for the department is designed to give students the information they need to succeed in psychology and with interdisciplinary studies sprinkled throughout, students will be well-prepared to enter into the workforce.

Clinical Psychology Ph.D.

The program for clinical psychology at the University of Washington is designed to help students integrate the scientific and academic parts of psychology with professionalism. The program has a number of goals for the graduate. One such goal is that the program helps students to develop a strong foundation and understanding of clinical psychology as well as focusing on current psychological issues. Students are taught how to apply their knowledge in the clinical field and how to conduct research, write grant proposals and how to contribute to academic research.

This program is ranked each year as one of the top clinical psychology programs in the country. The program has also been recognized with awards for the quality of training it offers to students. In addition, it has been recognized by the American Psychological Association for its innovative practices and teachings.

School Psychology Ph.D.

The school psychology program at the University of Washington will prepare students to become licensed as a psychologist and will help them to become a specialist is serving school aged children. This is a five to six year program with at least three years focusing on the school psychology aspects of the discipline. Though students who enter into the program are not required to have a degree in school psychology, they will need to follow an Ed.S. program to gain the knowledge necessary to earn a Ph.D. degree.

This program will prepare students to work in school settings, to teach graduate level courses, to work in hospitals and to research. Like other psychology programs at the school, this one takes on an interdisciplinary focus.


  • The University of Washington is accredited by the American Psychological Association.

University of Washington
Department of Psychology
Box 351525
Seattle WA 98195-1525
Phone: (206) 543-2640
Program Website

Washington State University

Graduate School

The Graduate School at Washington State University is the home of over 120 different graduate level courses. The school is focused on providing a solid academic basis which will allow students to work with world-class faculty in order to develop their own ideas. Students in the graduate school will be taught to think critically, will learn to work through unfamiliar information and will be able to work within a diverse and dynamic community that has high standards when it comes to integrity and knowledge. There are many opportunities for students who are looking for a graduate level degree at Washington State University including in psychology.

Doctor of Philosophy in Clinical Psychology

The Ph.D. program in clinical psychology at Washington State University is a program that is based on the model of training known as scientist-practitioner. The program has been designed to bring research, theory and clinical practice together in order to train students. Students are given the opportunity to participate in research programs and will be required to enter into clinicals before taking on a yearlong internship.

Students who graduate from this program often make contributions to the world of clinical psychology in research, academics, medically, clinically and through community. This is a highly competitive program and students will need to have a minimum of 18 credits in psychology at the undergraduate level and have a minimum of a 3.00 out of 4.00 cumulative GPA. Students will also have to submit GRE scores, letters of recommendation and information on their experience with psychology.

Resource: What is Considered a Good Score on the GRE?

Doctor of Philosophy in Counseling Psychology

The program offering a Ph.D. in counseling psychology is also offered by Washington State University and is ideal for those who are interested in teaching, counseling or research. Graduates of the program generally go on to work in university counseling centers, as academic faculty, in private or group practice and in other mental health environments. Students who successfully graduate with a Ph.D. in counseling psychology will be prepared to take the licensing exam is most US states. This is a program that is well known throughout the country for its high-quality educational experience.

This is an accredited psychology degree program that has received a number of awards including the Suinn Minority Achievement award which is given to schools showing exemplary recruitment and retention of students coming from diverse backgrounds. The program is very proud of their focus on cultural diversity.


  • Washington State University is accredited by the American Psychological Association.

Office of Graduate Studies
Washington State University
Cleveland Hall 252
Pullman, WA 99164-2114
Phone: 509-335-9195
Program Website

For those who are looking for Ph.D. level programs in psychology, Washington will offer a number of options. It doesn’t matter which program a student chooses; they can be confident knowing that they will get a world-class educational experience that is accredited. By choosing one of the doctoral programs in psychology in Washington, you can be sure to get your career started in a positive way.

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