Psychology Doctoral Programs in Vermont

As students seek to advance to the highest level of the psychology profession, they may want to consider doctoral programs in psychology in Vermont. The University of Vermont offers the only clinical psychology program in the state, which helps students learn more about clinical services as well as the academic side of the psychological profession. As with all doctoral degrees in this field, students will combine classroom theory with practical experience and research, giving them the well-rounded background they need to help patients address their most serious clinical issues no matter how severe.

University of Vermont

Department of Psychological Science

The University of Vermont’s College of Arts and Sciences is home to the Department of Psychological Science, which oversees undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degree programs in the field. The department’s chief doctoral-level offering is its program in clinical psychology. The department offers a comprehensive approach to both academics and experience, giving students the chance to perform research, seek a clinical placement, and take a good combination of required and elective coursework in psychology. The university’s Department of Psychological Science also arranges for teaching assistantships and scholarships, professional networking events for doctoral students, and collaborative laboratory experiences necessary for real-world success.

Clinical Psychology PhD

As part of this program, students will build on an existing master’s thesis often required of doctoral-track programs at the graduate level. They’ll perform necessary research under the supervision of a tenured psychology professor, while at the same time take courses in advanced psychology, clinical psychology, diagnosis and treatment, and medical ethics. Students must take a required core as part of the doctoral program, but a large number of classes will be chosen as electives to broaden students’ understanding of certain specialty areas.

Students will also seek a clinical internship experience that will help them gain crucial job experience necessary as they pursue placement after graduation. These clinical experiences are often offered at local hospitals and clinics, many of whom have partnered exclusively with the University of Vermont for this purpose. Clinical experiences last at least two semesters, and many students are invited or encouraged to transition these experiences into entry-level positions as they graduate with their doctoral degree.


University of Vermont
College of Arts and Sciences
Department of Psychological Science
Burlington, VT 05405
Phone: (802) 656-3131
Program Website


The University of Vermont offers a compelling option for those comparing available doctoral programs in psychology in Vermont. With a strong commitment to research, an esteemed academic reputation, and close connections to nearby hospitals and clinics, the program is a robust way to learn the more advanced ways to treat serious psychological disorders in a conventional, clinical setting.

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