Psychology Doctoral Programs in South Dakota

Many people are surprised that they can find doctoral programs in psychology in South Dakota. The truth is South Dakota has a lot more to offer than Mount Rushmore, the Black Hills and national parks. There are a number of educational opportunities throughout the state, including in psychology. If you are looking for an APA accredited doctoral program in psychology, you won’t need to leave South Dakota. Instead, you will find that there is a program that will meet your needs, give you a top rate educational opportunity and will enable you to enter into the workforce with a doctorate in psychology.

University of South Dakota

College of Arts & Sciences

The College of Arts & Sciences at the University of South Dakota has offered a number of degree programs over its 125 year history. The school prides itself on its cutting edge research, its large alumni network and the fact that they are successfully able to bring together the best of a liberal arts education with the structure of a world class research institution. They offer small class sizes, have faculty that are accessible to students at all levels and ensure that students have access to the latest technological resources to enhance their education. The College of Arts & Sciences offers bachelor’s, master’s and Ph.D. degrees to their students.

Doctor of Philosophy in Psychology

The College of Arts & Sciences offers a Ph.D. in psychology to students interested in taking their studies to the next level. Students who take on this challenging program will work with faculty from the start to design a program that is right for their goals in the future. There are two paths that these students can take at the University of South Dakota. One of the choices they have is to study clinical psychology; the other is to study human factors. Either way, students will graduate with a Ph.D. and will be fully prepared to enter into the workforce as a psychologist.

Students in the program will work closely with faculty as they undertake research projects and all students will be required to take on an internship for a year. Students who choose the human factors track are also encouraged to do a practicum placement as well. While students work towards their Ph.D., they will also receive a master’s degree in psychology from the university as well.


The Department of Psychology in the College of Arts & Sciences is accredited by the American Psychological Association Commission on Accreditation.


Department of Psychology
University of South Dakota
414 E. Clark Street
Vermillion, SD 57069
Phone: 605-677-5351
Email: [email protected]
Program Website

For students who are looking to complete their education in psychology, choosing a school in South Dakota is a viable option. You can get the same high level education close to home without going to another state or area. Of all doctoral programs in psychology in South Dakota, the one at the University of South Dakota is accredited and highly respected.

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