Psychology Doctoral Programs in Missouri

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Are you ready to compare Doctoral Programs in Psychology in Missouri? If you are a resident of the “Show-Me State”, and looking to advance your career within the discipline of Psychology, the first step is enrolling in Psychology Doctoral Programs that will help you prepare for licensure.

There are a variety of different traditional and modern doctoral programs that you can choose from as a major in Psychology. Unfortunately, not all programs in the state of Missouri are created equal, and choosing an accredited program is vital. Here are doctoral-level psychology graduate programs that are well-known and focus on clinical and counseling psychology.

University of Missouri–Columbia

College of Arts and Science, Department of Psychological Sciences

The Graduate School at University of Missouri currently offers 93 different Master’s degree programs and 68 doctoral programs. As the only public institution to be selected for membership to the Association of American Universities, admission to the four-campus University of Missouri System is very competitive. The Department of Psychological Sciences reviews many applications for programs with an emphasis on Clinical Psychology, Quantitative Psychology, Neuroscience, Developmental Psychology, and Personality Psychology. The department also has a lot of interest in unique dual program opportunities that are currently being offered, which all offer theoretical training with an emphasis on research-oriented curriculum.

Clinical Psychology PhD

The Clinical Psychology PhD offered by the Department of Psychology within the College of Arts and Science is an accredited research-oriented program that takes a traditional approach to curriculum. By enrolling in this program, students will receive broad and empirical training with an emphasis on research rather than an emphasis on generalist psychological sciences. Those who complete a Clinical Psychology PhD program will be eligible for licensure, and will be prepared for field-related positions in research and education.

Counseling Psychology PhD

The Counseling Psychology PhD is offered by the College of Education at the University of Missouri-Columbia. The program is accredited by the American Psychological Association and is currently ranked number 9 on a national list by the U.S. News & World Report. This Educational, School, and Counseling Psychology program is full of rich and stimulating lectures and core curriculum centered around the integration of research and service-related projects. Graduates who complete a Counseling Psychology PhD will be prepared to work in fields like Health Education, School Psychology, and Educational Psychology as a practicing counselor.

School Psychology PhD

The School Psychology PhD Program is a doctoral-level research-oriented degree program with an emphasis on psychology in the learning environment. The program is research-oriented, but also includes applied training and theoretical teaching so that students can learn how to use research while improving the life of learners in an educational setting. The school currently has three different centers and each of these centers collaborates with one another to stimulate students. In 2005, the program was ranked 4th in the nation on a list published by the Faculty Scholarly Productivity Index for outcomes.


  • American Psychological Association
  • Psychological Clinical Science Accreditation System


College of Arts and Science
210 McAlester Hall
Columbia, MO 65211

University of Missouri–Kansas City

College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Psychology

The Department of Psychology offers programs at an undergraduate level, psychology master’s programs, and also two different tracks for students studying for their PhD. The primary focus of the department is to study how behavioral sciences and the contribution to the discipline of Psychology has changed health and health care. The faculty members teaching Bachelor’s, Master’s, traditional and online doctorate programs at UMKC are national and international leaders is researching a variety of factors that can affect behavior and health.

The Department of Psychology is an active member of the community and works directly with several institutions, including the Cancer Institute, St. Luke’s Hospital, Truman Medical Centers, and University of Kansas City Medical Center to improve health care. The mission of the department is to enhance public health by training students in the field, and to enhance the health outcomes through empirical research. All doctoral programs take a research-oriented approach to delivering knowledge.

Clinical Psychology PhD

The Clinical Psychology PhD program is a license-eligible accredited clinical program that provides students with an entry-level foundation of knowledge in science and practice. There is a very strong emphasis in Health Psychology and the curriculum emphasizes  the integration of research and clinical practice so that students receive what is referred to as science-practice training.

This PhD program is suitable for students who would like to pursue a career in a research, medical, or academic setting, but will also prepare you for licensure. Because the program is based on a scientist-practitioner model, you will cover a broad range of topics which can range from psychophysiology research all the way to public health research. The outcome is to learn how to contribute as a professional to promote a high quality of life for all through the integration of science and practice.

Experimental Health Psychology PhD

Experimental Health Psychology is a doctoral-level degree program with a primary focus on preparing advanced-level students to enhance the health outcomes for both communities and the individuals living within the communities. This full-time graduate program covers fundamental areas of quantitative, methodological, health, and experimental psychology, and integrates all of the areas together. You will learn how to develop your research skills in this research-oriented program, and will be able to apply the skills to real-world problems so that you are prepared for professional positions in academia, research facilities, or government offices.

Upon completion of this degree, you will have a core of knowledge on research methods, scientific psychology, empirical evidence, and theoretical foundations so that you can carry out your own individual research. Training can be done on-campus, with the option to complete some courses online.


  • American Psychological Association

Department of Psychology
5030 Cherry Street
Cherry Hall, Room 324
Kansas City, MO 64110
Phone: 816.235.1318

University of Missouri–St. Louis

College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Psychology

The Department of Psychology at the University of Missouri-St. Louis currently has the largest program in the College of Arts and Sciences, with over 700 undergraduate majors and 70 PhD students. The primary goal of the department is to prepare students, both undergraduate and graduate-level, for careers directly or indirectly in modern psychology. What makes each of the three graduate programs unique is that they are designed with modernity in mind. This makes research within the university and the department extremely important as well as a priority. With departmental laboratories where faculty and students work alongside one another, the department has earned the nickname the department of diversity.

Clinical Psychology PhD

The Clinical Psychology PhD program offered by the Department of Psychology at UMSL integrates the academic, research and applied aspects of Psychology to prepare students to become competent researchers, educators, or scientifically-based practitioners. As an accredited program that is in accordance with with scientist-practitioner training model, doctorate-level students who graduate are not likely to function in a service level role. In fact, the surveys show that graduates of the program more often play non-service roles in basic research, supervisory, and teaching.

As you might expect, because this program takes the scientist-practitioner approach, there is a strong emphasis on research and faculty members are among the top leaders of research within their fields. Following a mentorship model, you have peace of mind in knowing that you will work closely with faculty and research advisors so that you can gain the skills that you need to succeed in conceptual and methodological research. Based on the data released on the Examination for Professional Practice in Psychology, graduates of this program have consistently scored in the top 15% of all programs nationally.


  • American Psychological Association since 1977


Department of Psychology
One University Boulevard
325 Stadler Hall
St. Louis, MO 63121-4499
(314) 516-5391

Saint Louis University

College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Psychology

The Department of Psychology currently teaches over 300 undergraduate students and 100 graduate students in different areas of Psychology. With more than 25 leading faculty members, the department sets a diverse tone to the study of exploring the complexities of the brain and human behavior. Currently, the Department of Psychology offers both undergraduate and graduate study options. The mission of the department as a whole is to encourage students to apply their critical thinking skills and use curiosity as they gain a value-based, holistic education.

Clinical Psychology PhD

The mission of the clinical psychology Doctor of Psychology program is to prepare graduates for a career in clinical psychology by training students on broad topics like practice and science. By enrolling in this program, you will learn how to be an ethical clinical psychologist as you develop a broad understanding and knowledge of theoretical, scientific, and conceptual foundations in the field of psychology and other sub-disciplines.

Students who have completed this scientist-practitioner modeled program have been successful in the field. Based on the outcome published by the school, 96 percent of the students who earned a doctoral degree through the college went on to earn their license. It took an average of 4.3 years for students with an advanced standing, and 5.5 years for bachelor-level students to complete the program. These averages consider the time it takes for full-time and part-time students to graduate.


  • American Psychological Association since 1965


Shannon Hall, Room 209
3511 Laclede Ave.
St. Louis, MO 63103-2010

Washington University in St. Louis

Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Washington University in St. Louis is home to 6500 graduate students and 1000 non-traditional students studying weekends, evenings, and online. As a nationally and internationally known institute for teaching, patient care, and research, the university is dedicated to delivering high quality academic programs through leading faculty members and experts in their respective fields. The Graduate School of Arts and Sciences has innovative programs that address the mind-brain connection, including the Clinical Psychology PhD program taught by the Department of Psychology which was established in 1924.

Clinical Psychology PhD

The Clinical Psychology Doctor of Psychology program is a research-oriented program with a focus on teaching and theoretical subject matter. You will be prepared to be a clinical scientist in careers in teaching, research, and governmental agencies. Students will examine the in-depth study of many different subject areas including: aging, abnormal psychology, cognition, learning, memory, social interactions, personality, perception, and neuropsychology.


  • American Psychological Association


Washington University
Campus Box 1089
One Brookings Drive
St. Louis, Missouri 63130-4899
(314) 935-5000

As you can see, there are myriad doctoral-level programs for Psychology majors who would like to work in a research setting or directly in a practice. It is important to sift through different relevant majors and different study models until you choose the model and major that is best for you. Compare the traditional and online doctoral programs, and apply to the Doctoral Programs in Psychology in Missouri that top your own very unique and personalized list.

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