Psychology Master's Degrees in Hawaii

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Pepperdine University
Online MFT Master’s Program - No GRE req.
Online Master of Arts in Counseling - No GRE req.
Pepperdine University
Online Master of Arts in Psychology - No GRE req.
Grand Canyon University
Online B.S. and M.S. in Psychology
Pepperdine University
Master’s in Applied Behavior Analysis - No GRE req.
University of Dayton
Online Master of Applied Behavior Analysis
Capella University
Online BS, MS, PhD, PsyD in Psychology with over a dozen specialty options.
Southern New Hampshire University
Online BS, MS in Psychology with many different focus options.

For students interested in pursuing careers in the counseling field, finding the best master’s in psychology degrees in Hawaii can ensure the right start toward these goals. These advanced degree programs can provide a solid foundation for future career opportunities in the psychological field and can allow successful students to pursue further educational opportunities. This can significantly expand the career options available to graduates of these master’s degree programs and can assist students in building a brighter future for themselves and their families.

University of Hawai’i at Hilo

College of Arts and Sciences

The University of Hawai’i at Hilo (UH Hilo) was founded in 1941 as the Hawai’i Vocational College and today comprises six different colleges offering 33 undergraduate degree programs. While most of the students who attend UH Hilo are residents of the state of Hawaii, international students are welcomed to this inclusive institution. Specialty areas of study at UH Hilo include marine biology, astronomy, Hawaiian studies and volcanology. The university also holds the distinction of being the only institution of higher learning to offer a master’s degree program in an indigenous language.

Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology

The counseling psychology master’s degree at UH Hilo is designed to provide a solid grounding in counseling theory and practice and to serve as the basis for licensure in the state of Hawaii. Students must successfully complete 60 semester hours of coursework that includes the study of psychological assessment methods, statistics, ethics, family systems, psychopathology and abnormal psychology and counseling theory and methods for individual and group therapy sessions. Hands-on experience is also emphasized in the UH Hilo curriculum; a practicum involving at least 100 hours of supervised client contact is required for all master’s degree students. A research thesis is also required and is performed under the supervision of select faculty members. The project must pass review by the thesis committee before the student can be awarded a master’s degree in counseling psychology.

• Western Association of Schools and Colleges
• Masters in Psychology and Counseling Accreditation Council

200 W. Kāwili Street
Hilo, HI 97620-4091
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Chaminade University of Honolulu

Division of Behavioral Sciences

A private Catholic university located in the state capital of Hawaii, Chaminade University of Honolulu was founded in 1955 by the Society of Mary, a Catholic sect committed to extending educational opportunities throughout the world. The university serves just over 2,800 students each year and offers acclaimed programs in forensic science, criminal justice, education and nursing. Chaminade serves a diverse student population and provides a Native Hawaiian perspective for most of its major fields of study, including the curricula for programs in the Division of Behavioral Sciences.

Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology

The classes required for Chaminade’s master’s degree in counseling psychology are divided into four categories that must be completed in approximate order. Foundation courses are dedicated to the study of the personality and the varieties of abnormal psychology. Core courses encompass statistics, tests and measurements, introductory and intermediate counseling theory and skills, ethics and lifespan issues. During the practicum and internship phase, students must choose to focus on school counseling, marriage and family counseling or mental health counseling as a primary concentration. Finally, added courses may be required to provide specialized skills needed for the student’s chosen emphasis. Students must complete all core coursework before beginning an internship and must maintain a 3.0 grade point average throughout all 60 hours of the Chaminade master of arts program. Successful completion of this program generally qualifies students for licensure in their specific field of study.

• Western Association of Schools and Colleges

3140 Waialae Avenue
Honolulu, HI 96816
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Argosy University, Honolulu

College of Counseling Psychology and Social Sciences

By combining online and in-person degree program options, Argosy University offers exceptional flexibility for working adults. This private for-profit organization comprises 28 locations and serves nearly 25,000 students nationwide each year. The main campus on Hawaii is located in Honolulu, but satellite locations are also available for students in Hilo and Maui. The Hawai’i School of Professional Psychology at Argosy University is designed to provide advanced training in clinical psychology for those planning to continue their education or to achieve licensure as a professional counselor. Internships are generally served close to home at one of the affiliated health care facilities in Honolulu or in the surrounding areas.

Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology

Students must complete 50 semester credit hours to graduate with a master’s degree in clinical psychology from Argosy University. In addition, they must maintain a grade point average of 3.0 or better throughout their master’s degree studies. Two hours are devoted to a required master’s project and six hours to the Intervention Practicum and Seminar. Other required coursework includes classes in statistics, ethics, professional conduct, cognitive and personality assessment, development and biology, theoretical and practical individual and group therapy and interviewing techniques. Acceptance to this program is non-competitive; however, students must have previously completed a bachelor’s degree program with a minimum 3.0 grade point average to be accepted to the master of arts in clinical psychology degree program. Successful completion of this degree can allow students to pursue a doctorate in psychology or a career as a licensed counselor in the state of Hawaii.

Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

As with all Argosy University programs, the master of arts in clinical mental health counseling degree program is designed to provide a clear path to licensure in this field. Students must have earned a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university and must have achieved a 3.0 grade point average in their last 60 hours of college. In some cases, however, highly qualified students may be admitted to this program without fulfilling the grade point average requirements set forth by the department. Core classes include the theory and practice of counseling in group and individual settings, trauma and substance abuse intervention and counseling, the diagnosis of behavioral and emotional disorders and the study of ethics in the psychological environment. Nine hours of the curriculum are devoted to a practicum and internship in which the student gains hands-on supervised experience in the professional counseling environment.

Master of Arts in Forensic Psychology

Students who successfully complete the master of arts program in forensic psychology typically go on to careers in government and law enforcement. This innovative program focuses on the legal and diagnostic aspects of psychology as it applies to crime, punishment and rehabilitation. Core courses include the study of criminal and maladaptive behavior, psychological assessment, ethics and research methodologies. Students can also focus on homeland security, assessment and treatment of offenders or law enforcement. Homeland security concentrations include coursework in profiling, counterintelligence, field placement and interrogation. Students who opt for assessment and treatment concentrations focus on interview techniques, field placement, the psychology of offenders and consultation and testimony strategies in the legal setting. Finally, law enforcement concentrations incorporate training in correctional psychology, profiling and police psychology to ensure the most accurate assessments and positive outcomes in this area of psychological study. Field experience options may be available to students who attend classes at the Honolulu campus.

Master of Arts in Marriage & Family Therapy

The marriage and family therapy master’s degree program at Argosy University is designed to provide students with the skills and knowledge necessary to obtain positions as marriage counselors, guidance counselors and family therapists. To gain admittance to this program, students must have an accredited bachelor’s degree and must have maintained a 3.0 grade point average for at least the last 60 credit hours of their college attendance. Exceptions to this policy are made on a case-by-case basis. Required coursework includes classes on ethics, addiction studies, human sexuality, couples counseling, professional ethics, child and adolescent counseling and human development. A comprehensive examination is required and comprises four essay questions. Students must pass all four questions to graduate from the program. Additionally, 600 hours of practicum experience is required for graduation; this is generally achieved through three consecutive semesters of three-credit-hour seminars under the supervision of an Argosy University instructor.

Master of Arts in Industrial Organizational Psychology

The Argosy University master’s degree in industrial and organizational psychology is offered online to students at the Honolulu location. This degree program is intended for students interested in leadership positions in data analysis, training, compensation theory and organizational design and development. Successful graduates can provide valuable support for companies in managing morale and ensuring the most effective and beneficial organizational arrangements in real-world situations. Human resource management specialists can also benefit from obtaining a master’s degree in this innovative field. Students must complete a number of required courses that include the theory and practice of organizational behavior, employee selection, leadership, training and statistics. Industrial psychology combines the basics of business administration with in-depth explorations of the implications of work environments and organizations for employees and leaders in this field. A three-credit-hour capstone project is required to earn this master’s degree from Argosy University.

Master of Arts in Sport-Exercise Psychology

Another program that is only available online for Argosy University students in Hawaii, the university’s sport-exercise psychology program provides a thorough grounding in the concepts and principles underlying modern sports training and competition. Career paths for successful graduates include coaching, clinical research, sports psychology and training and health advisor positions. Some of the most important courses in this program include team dynamics, the psychology of sports injuries, athletic counseling, psychological development and assessment of affective behavior. The curriculum is based on training requirements presented by the Association for Applied Sport Psychology, most commonly referred to as AASP. Successful completion of all online course requirements may qualify graduates for provisional status as an AASP certified consultant. Some or all of the courses taken in pursuit of this degree may also be transferable toward a doctorate in clinical psychology with an emphasis on sports psychology at Argosy University.

• Western Association of Schools and Colleges
• Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs

1001 Bishop Street, Suite 500
Honolulu, HI 96813
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University of Phoenix, Honolulu

College of Social Sciences

The University of Phoenix operates 112 campuses and serves more than 300,000 students around the world each year. This for-profit institution offers a wide range of degree programs, most of which are delivered to students online. In Hawaii, the University of Phoenix maintains two campuses. The Hawaii Learning Center in Kapolei focuses primarily on business degree programs and online coursework in other fields of endeavor. In Honolulu, students can take advantage of computer lab facilities and other amenities to enhance their online learning experience. For those willing to take on the challenges of online coursework, these programs offer optimal flexibility and are designed specifically to meet the needs of working adults.

Master of Science in Psychology

The master’s degree in psychology offered by the University of Phoenix provides an in-depth look at some of the most important concepts in counseling. Topics covered include theories of personality, cognitive traits and issues, developmental stages and expectations, abnormal psychology, assessment strategies, collaboration and communication, research methods, multiculturalism, ethics and statistics. Students must successfully complete 39 credit hours, including a capstone project that evaluates past psychological methods and how they relate to the practices currently in use in the field. This degree program is not designed to prepare students for licensure or certification and does not qualify graduates to practice in the field of counseling. The University of Phoenix does not offer doctorate programs in psychology; however, successful completion of this degree program may allow students to gain acceptance to doctorate programs at other universities.

Master of Science in Psychology with a concentration in Industrial Organizational Psychology

Hawaii students can earn a master’s degree in psychology with an emphasis on industrial and organizational environments through the University of Phoenix online platform. The coursework required includes a comprehensive overview of organizational structures and industrial environments, allowing students to acquire the skills necessary to succeed in the business world. Other classes include statistics, the psychology of human performance and personnel decisions, cognitive psychology, psychometrics, motivation and attitude in the work environment, ethics and issues associated with multiculturalism. A capstone project is also required. Students can benefit from the hands-on approach and the practical approach offered by University of Phoenix faculty members in the online environment. Because instructors typically work in the specific field of psychology in which they teach, the coursework is designed to be relevant and current to ensure a greater degree of student success.

• Higher Learning Commission
• Council for Accreditation of Counseling and Related Educational Programs

745 Fort Street, Suite 2000
Honolulu, HI 96813
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For students seeking to advance their skills and improve their employment options, these programs offer real opportunities to shine in the job market. Choosing the right master’s in psychology degrees in Hawaii can provide a solid foundation for future careers in this challenging field.

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