Psychology Doctoral Programs in Delaware

Delaware’s doctoral programs in psychology prepare students to be leaders in the state’s public health agencies, pharmaceutical companies, mental health organizations, research companies, and in academia. Recognized as a vitally important field in Delaware, prospective psychology doctoral students can find a wide array of financial assistance options that range from fellowships to grants to scholarships.

University of Delaware

College of Arts and Sciences, Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences

Boasting 23 academic departments, 27 interdisciplinary centers and programs, and 10,000-plus students, this college is the oldest of all the university’s academic divisions. Students in the department are instructed by a faculty that includes a Nobel laureate and Rhodes Scholar, and have the opportunity to study on continents as diverse as Africa and Antarctica. In 2015 the Delaware Chapter of the Society for Neuroscience named Mark Stanton, psychology and brain sciences professor at the UD, as their neuroscientist of the year. The school offers a PhD in psychology with four concentrations.

Cognitive Psychology PHD

As the discipline of cognitive psychology continues to explosively grow, this PhD program has added new faculty, laboratory space, and research opportunities to keep up with the demand from an expanding number of graduate students. Courses allow students to switch from research to labs to seminars, and students can begin formulating their dissertation as soon as their third year of studies. This program revolves particularly around aspects that relate to spatial cognition. While completing their dissertation during years four and five, students can also continue taking classes that are particularly relevant to their topic. For a total of ten semesters, students can expect to complete up to 90 semester credits of graduate courses and research.

Social Psychology PHD

With an award-winning faculty sourcing funding from the likes of the National Science Foundation and Office of Naval Research, this research-based program graduates students who are experts in interpersonal, intergroup, and/or organizational processes. The program focuses on developing strong skills in research methodology and statistical analysis by making use of many laboratory facilities, including the MRI Imaging Center. Totaling around 72 semester credits with additional possible if needed for the dissertation, this program can be completed in eight semesters. After the student’s second year they complete a qualifying exercise that involves identifying a research topic and source material, with successful students gaining doctoral candidate status.

Behavioral Neuroscience PHD

This program explores the biological foundations of behavior by focusing on elements such as learning, memory, sensation, development, social behavior, and neural plasticity. In this focus, students work closely with mentor faculty professors who collectively have authored over 100 publications and made over 200 conference presentations. Students complete ten semesters – five years – for a total of approximately 90 semester credits, including dissertation research. Home to the Delaware Center for Neuroscience Research, students have ample opportunities to collaborate in ongoing projects. Recent graduates of this focus have gone on to work with employers such as Pfizer, the National Institute of Mental Health, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, as well as many professorships at nationally renown universities.

Clinical Science PHD

Since 1968 the clinical science program has been preparing qualified researchers who advance this field through their contributions. Integrating the science and practice of psychology, faculty work closely with students to apply psychological findings and empirical data to today’s most challenging clinical issues – depression, maintaining good relationships, trauma, and anxiety. Studies take place in a collaborative environment that could include partnerships with other local universities, medical schools, and community agencies. The program takes place over six years spread across 12 semesters, including the last year, which is entirely an internship. Students also have an opportunity to complete a practicum at the school’s Psychological Services Training Center, and the college provides resources for students who want to complete their clinical studies in childhood development.


  • The University of Delaware’s PhD program in psychology with a concentration in clinical science has been accredited by the American Psychology Association’s Commission on Accreditation (CoA) since 1975. It has also been accredited by the Psychological Clinical Science Accreditation System (PCSAS) since 2011, and is a member of the Academy of Psychological Clinical Science. The University of Delaware is also regionally accredited.


Psychological and Brain Sciences
Main Office: Wolf Hall 108
105 The Green
University of Delaware
Newark, DE 19716

(302) 831-2271
[email protected]
Program Website

Students who earn their doctoral degree in psychology will be prepared to head Delaware’s leading institutions and companies as senior-level professionals. By earning a terminal degree in this field, graduates bolster their career options and therefore allow themselves to reach their maximum potential and impact.

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