What Type of Psychology Job Provides the Most Job Security?

psychology-jobs-with-the-most-job-securityWith the job market constantly fluctuating, it’s not surprising that so many social sciences students want to know more about the psychology jobs with the most job security. If you knew that you would have problems finding and keeping a job, would you really spend four years or more studying the field? While some psychology jobs fluctuate and leave employees without work every few years, other positions come with more stability and let you work for the same employer for years.

Career Counselors

The recession that hit the United States left millions of people out of work and struggling to pay their mortgages or rent and other bills. They increasingly turned to career counselors for help. Career counselors talk with clients about their hopes and goals and help them decide which careers will meet those goals. They often work for job and family services departments in cities across the country, but they may also work in career development offices in colleges. The counselors work with students to find and apply for internships and part time jobs while in school and with resume help and applications prior to graduating.

Private Practice Professionals

One of the best ways to ensure that you always have a job is with your own private practice. Operating your own office gives you complete control over your schedule and your patients. You can set the hours that you remain open, choose the type of patients you want to work with and even decide on the rates you want to charge. Most of those working in clinical offices have a minimum of a master’s degree and a license to practice, which requires that you pass a criminal background check and that you completed hundreds of hours of fieldwork as part of your degree.

College Counselors

College counselors are similar to vocational and career counselors, but college counselors work exclusively with college students and those interested in enrolling in college. They meet with students planning to enroll to talk about the type of classes they need to take and how long the program takes. They also work with current students to keep them on top of the college’s requirements. College counselors may also assist students with finding internships and applying for programs that will let them earn course credit for work they do away from campus.

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Substance Abuse Specialists

The psychology jobs with the most job security also include substance abuse specialists. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this field will grow at a much faster than average rate of 31 percent. By 2022, there will be more than 28,000 new counselors working in substance abuse facilities. Substance abuse counselors help and support those addicted to prescription drugs, illegal drugs, alcohol and certain types of activities, including gambling and sexual activities. They work with both those ordered by the court to finish treatment and those who seek treatment on their own. These specialists offer group and individual counseling sessions.

The best jobs are the ones that have more stability. This lets you feel confident that you can work in the field for the rest of your life and work for the same employers for an extended period of time. The psychology jobs with the most job security include substance abuse specialists, career and college counselors and those working in private practices.

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