What is the Career Outlook for Psychology Jobs?

Individuals who have considered pursuing a career within the psychology sector may want to obtain information regarding the career outlook for psychology. There are several factors that must be considered in order to attain a basic understanding of this matter, including the specific positions within the field of psychology that you are interested in as well as the sociocultural factors that are precipitating interest in and need for specific psychological services. Below you will find basic information regarding these subjects and several others that pertain to the job outlook for careers within the psychology sector.

Psychology-A Brief Overview

Although broadly defined, psychology is basically the study of the human mind and behavior. In analyzing human actions and attitudes, psychologists often attempt to improve upon the thinking habits of individuals such that they can lead more productive, positive lives.

Career Outlook for Psychology Jobs

Individuals attempting to learn what the career outlook for psychology jobs is should note that the answer is contingent upon the specific position that you are interested in. Below you will find information regarding the job outlook for individuals who opt to pursue a career as psychologists:


Psychologists are the individuals who study the cognitive, social, and emotional processes that precipitate human behavior. In observing and recording how people relate to themselves and their external environments, psychologists attempt to improve the quality of life for clients and/or contribute to the existing body of research concerning psychology. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, employment for psychologists is expected to grow 12% between the years of 2012 to 2022. This is about as fast as the national average for all vocations.

Reports indicate that job opportunities will be best for psychologists who have obtained a doctoral degree in a specific specialty as well as for those with a doctoral or specialist degree within the field of school psychology. Experts predict that school psychology will experience explosive growth in the upcoming years given that awareness of the fact that many children possess mental health needs is on the rise. As issues such as bullying, learning disorders and behavior problems become more prevalent, the demand for educated, qualified school psychologists will likely rise.

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Clinical and Counseling Psychology

In citing findings from the Occupational Outlook Handbook regarding the fields of clinical and counseling psychology, writer Kendra Cherry notes that demand for clinical psychologists will continue rising in response to the healthcare costs that result from unhealthy lifestyle behaviors including obesity, alcoholism, and smoking. These lifestyle behaviors have made prevention and treatment methods important, and individuals who operate within the field of clinical psychology can offer such services. Additionally, the rise in employee assistance programs (which are designed to enable workers to grapple with their personal problems) is also expected to precipitate employment growth for individuals operating within the fields of clinical and counseling psychology. In years to come, more counseling and clinical psychologists will be needed to assist people in grappling with marital problems, mental disorders, addiction, and job stress. Additionally, the rising number of elderly people will result in an increased demand for psychologists who are proficient in the geropsychology sector. These individuals will be able to help elderly individuals grapple with the physical and mental changes that transpire as people age.

As made plain by the information listed above, there will be a plethora of job opportunities within the field of psychology in years to come. Given that the career outlook for psychology jobs is fairly good, individuals who are interested in pursuing positions in this sector can feel confident in doing so.

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