What is APA-CoA Accreditation?

apa-coaAn APA-CoA accreditation is a programmatic credential that is granted to psychology programs that meet the accreditation agency’s strict standards, outcomes and qualities. If you are in the process of comparing all of the doctoral graduate programs, internships and residency programs that exist today, you can make the process of sifting through all of your options easier by finding a list of all of the programs that hold a specialized accreditation with the American Psychological Association. Read on, and learn what makes this distinguishing accreditation so important for professionals studying upper-level courses.

What Is a Programmatic or Specialized Accreditation in Psychology?

The APA is dedicated to improving higher education programs in Psychology and evaluating programs so that they can improve performance. When a doctoral or post doctoral program is accredited by the APA-CoA, you have peace of mind in knowing that the program and the school where you attend are both committed to meeting the professional standards set by the APA. The accreditation agency evaluates any program that volunteers and applies, and will assess the progress that a program makes each period. The APA-CoA evaluates teaching, research, ethics, curriculum, outcomes, financial resources, planning, missions, learning resources, training facilities, and student support services.

How Does the APA-CoA Different From Other Accreditation?

Now that you understand what the APA’s commission will evaluate, you may be wondering how this type of accreditation will differ from an institutional accreditation. The APA-CoA is a professional accreditor that only evaluates a specific list of programs that are in the field in which the accreditor specializes. An institutional accreditation does not assess programs in just a specific area of study. Rather than assessing only some areas of study, an institutional agency will evaluate an entire college or university. The agency will review the policies and procedures of the facility to ensure that they comply with the standards of the agency, which are all in place to protect the student body.

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Why to Attend an Accredited Psychology Program?

Why should you attend a school that has earned the recognition and holds an accreditation? There are a variety of reasons why you should cross programs that are not accredited off of your list. One of the main reasons why you should attend a program that has been recognized is because you will have peace of mind in knowing that licensing bodies in every state will recognize the degree that you earn. It can also benefit you to attend an accredited program that is recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation and the U.S. Department of Education so that you can get financial assistance through the Federal government. This can help you finance your student career when earning your doctorate.

The APA Commission on Accreditation does not accredit Bachelor’s or Master’s degree programs in Psychology. If you are currently an undergraduate student, save time and start comparing doctorate and post doctoral programs so that you know where you will apply when you are ready to be a doctorate student taking advanced coursework. Review a list of the APA-CoA accredited doctoral programs, compare the cost of tuition for each of these programs, and then make a choice. By doing all of this, you can strengthen your resume by earning a degree with an APA-COA accreditation.