How Can I Find a Psychology Scholarship?

psych scholarshipIf you are interested in pursuing a college degree in psychology, you should look into researching and applying to scholarship programs to help pay for your college degree. Psychology is a huge field and there is a steady demand for professional therapists, counselors, mental healthcare workers and other individuals who come from a psychology education background. Here is a quick overview of what you can do to find a psychology scholarship.

Merit-based scholarships

If you are on the verge of graduating high school or are in your first year of college, one of the first things you should do is apply to merit-based scholarships that are offered by the college or university that you attend. These merit based awards are given to students who demonstrate high academic excellence in high school as well as having high standardized test scores. You should begin the process preferably in your junior year of high school. However, it is very common for first and second year college students to still receive merit-based scholarships based on their high school grade point average and college entrance test scores.

Check APA Database

The American Psychological Association has a very extensive database located on their website that allows undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students to research a variety of scholarships, fellowships and other funding opportunities to pay for their education. There are a variety of scholarships that are offered to students and are tailored based on the field of their study. There are scholarships available for those who seek to go into mental health counseling, development & child psychology, rehabilitation and clinical psychology. This website also serves as a storehouse of grant and fellowship opportunities for those in a psychology post-doctoral program.

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Federal Government

Another alternative route to find scholarships to help fund your psychology degree is by looking at opportunities offered through the United States Department of Education. The Department of Education continuously awards scholarships to individuals who seek careers in fields like education, healthcare and public service management. The Department of Education also offers grants, fellowships and loan forgiveness programs to those who have intentions on working for a nonprofit hospital or a public healthcare facility. There is a huge demand for mental healthcare workers, counselors and other individuals in inner-city neighborhoods and rural communities across America.

The most effective thing to do would be to take a few hours out of your day, make a list of scholarship opportunities and begin applying as soon as possible. Scholarship deadlines are year-round. Be prepared to get letters of recommendation, as well as write lengthy essays, cover letters, resumes and other materials that a scholarship vetting panel would need in order to select you as an award recipient. Many of these scholarship opportunities also want to award funds to individuals who have an extensive track record of volunteering within their community. Make sure you have stellar volunteer experience, preferably in a setting where you are learning psychology and counseling.