Can I Get a Psychology Degree Online?

Are you eager to learn how the human mind works? Considering a career in counseling, research or social work? If you’re considering earning a psychology degree to pursue those goals, then you’re in luck. Now is the perfect time to earn a degree online without ever setting foot on a college campus. You can earn a bachelor’s or master’s in psychology completely online.

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Benefits of Online Classes

Internet-based courses are an increasingly popular way to earn a degree. You can watch video lectures and complete assignments on your own time. If you’re working, caring for a family or find it hard to focus during in-person lectures, online learning is perfect for you. Online courses are growing in popularity even for students who want to take classes for fun. Earning your degree online lets you enjoy the benefits of this new type of technology.

Why Psychology?

The demand for psychologists is expected to grow more than 20 percent by 2020. Employers desperately need trained psychologists to fill open positions, and you can meet this demand by earning your degree online. Psychology is an emotionally and financially rewarding career that requires several years of dedicated study. Get started on your classes today so you can start reaping the benefits of a psychology degree.

Online Psychology Classes

Psychology is one of the best majors for online degrees. In-person psychology courses typically consist of lectures with PowerPoint slides and videos. You don’t need to physically sit in a classroom to learn from those materials. At home, you can watch video clips several times; you don’t have to worry about a professor moving through material too quickly. You will read research articles and write papers as you learn about famous experiments throughout history. Sitting at your computer gives you access to a wealth of information on these experiments. If you don’t understand how your professor or textbook explains something, you can quickly look up more information on the subject.

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Career Benefits

Online classes give you scheduling flexibility that brick-and-mortar schools can’t match. You can take advantage of your open schedule and begin volunteering or interning in a psychology position. Consider working one night a week at a crisis center, rehab facility or at a community center. The extra experience on your resume will make you stand out compared to traditional graduates who spent their time fighting for parking spaces on a college campus.

Online classes have come a long way since they first started. Now, you can brush up on a favorite subject or earn an entire degree without leaving your computer. Psychology is the career you’ve been waiting for, but you need a bachelor’s to be competitive in the field. Whether you have previous college credits or you’re starting college for the first time, online degrees are the best way to balance your personal obligations with your career growth. If you’re dedicated to starting your new career, you can get your psychology degree online.