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university-of-texas-at-el-pasoThe University of Texas at El Paso is working towards becoming the first national research university in the US.

UTEP has been named one of the top 10 universities in the nation for three consecutive years, and more than 23,000 students are served by the university in 165 degree programs. The university is dedicated to excellence, which is proven through being the first national research university serving a 21st century demographic of students as well as the university’s record of receiving competitive grant awards.

With the university currently being on its second century of serving students, their dedication to providing higher education to students goes without saying.

University of Texas at El Paso Accreditation Details

The university is accredited by the Southern Association of of Colleges and Schools (SACS).

University of Texas at El Paso Application Requirements

Requirements for application vary depending on if the student is enrolling in an undergraduate or graduate program.

Undergraduate Requirements:

● Official transcripts from all high schools attended
● Official college transcripts if you are a transfer student
● Official military transcripts if credits are desired for coursework completed while active duty
● Official test scores

International Undergraduates:

● Official transcripts or provisional certificates
● Official TOEFL scores, if required
● Confirmation of financial resources


● Official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended
● Official test scores
● A statement of purpose
● Letters of recommendation

International Graduates:

● Official transcripts or provisional certificates
● Official TOEFL scores, if required
● Letters of recommendation
● Confirmation of financial resources

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Tuition and Financial Aid at University of Texas at El Paso

Tuition at UTEP varies depending on if it is for a graduate or undergraduate degree program, how many credit hours will be taken, which degree program is chosen, and if the student is a Texas resident or not. Residents of Texas can expect to pay around $350 per credit while non-residents enrolled in an undergraduate program can expect to pay close to $800 per credit.

Along with credit costs, students are also responsible for course fees, incidental fees, supplemental fees, health insurance and other required fees. The course fees vary from course to course. Incidental fees are only if the incidents occur. Some examples of incidental fees include dropping a class, late registration and student housing deposit. Some examples of what requires a supplemental fee includes student id, international student service fee and certain declared majors. Some of the required fees include student services fee, library fee and student union fee.

All international students or non-immigrant visas living in the US are required to enroll in a University of Texas System approved health insurance plan. The plan offers basic coverage that meet the standards required by the United States Department of State regulations. Rates and information about health insurance can be found on the university’s Academic Health Plans website.

UTEP offers a few different financial aid options. These options include government financial aid, grants, loans, work studies and international student financial aid. All students interested in receiving financial aid will have to complete a FAFSA on the financial aid website. Students will also have to meet any eligibility requirements necessary to receive their financial aid. There are financial aid counselors at UTEP to help students with applying for financial aid.

Psychology Degree Programs at University of Texas at El Paso

The Psychology department at UTEP is committed to teaching through research findings. They strive to find new knowledge and understanding of people and their behavior. These findings are applied to teaching students enrolled in psychology degree programs. The goal of the psychology department is to better physical, mental and social health of people.

The university offers both graduate and undergraduate degrees in psychology. Students can obtain undergraduate Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Science degrees in Psychology. For graduates, there are masters and doctorate degrees in psychology.

The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology degree goes over the history of psychology through philosophy and development. This degree program puts an emphasis on humanities and social sciences. The Bachelor of Arts in Psychology has 30 required credit hours.

The curriculum of the Bachelor of Science in Psychology degree also spends time going over the history of psychology while using philosophy and development to its aid. However, this degree program puts emphasis on physical and life sciences. The Bachelor of Science in Psychology has 36 required credit hours.

Students who have already obtained their BA or BS degree in Psychology may be interested in furthering their education to a graduate degree program. This will assist them in obtaining better job placement upon graduation.

The Clinical MA graduate program in psychology will prepare students to work in applied settings as psychological associates or professional counselors. It can also help prepare students who are interested in going on to a doctorate degree in psychology. The MA in Clinical Psychology degree program requires students to complete 45 credits.

The Experimental MA graduate program in psychology is a more theoretical approach, which includes methodology, experimental design and statistical analysis. This degree program provides students with the research background needed for proposing and completing an original, practical thesis. The MA in Experimental Psychology requires students to complete 30 credits.

Students who are interested in furthering their education in psychology to a doctorate level can do so in one of four areas of concentration. These four areas include: health, legal, social, cognitive and neurosciences, and language acquisition and bilingualism. With an emphasis in research, students will be required to participate in research projects. The curriculum is offered on a flexible schedule to help professionals be able to further their education at the same time. The Ph. D. in Psychology degree program requires students to complete 78 credit hours.

Studying psychology at the university can help all students meet their goals in the field of psychology. Students can choose to stop with just a BA or BS in psychology, or they can choose to really mold their career in psychology by pursuing a master’s or doctorate degree in psychology. Students will gain an education that is very research based, which gives students the opportunity to perform research projects that will help them gain a keen understanding of the psychological field of study. The University of Texas at El Paso is dedicated to helping students succeed in learning and applying what they learn in their psychology degree program.

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