University of Liverpool

University of LiverpoolThe University of Liverpool is one of the most prestigious colleges in the world. Though many students dream of attending the school, they often think that they can’t afford to take classes so far away from home. With the university’s new online format, students now have the chance to earn a degree without living in the UK. Established in 1881, the university gained recognition for its research intensive programs. All graduates learn how to research topics, find and evaluate sources and references and create compelling work that incorporates their own thoughts and ideas. Many of the professors and students working for or at the university made major discoveries that brought even more attention to the school.

The University of Liverpool also received recognition from some of the top publications and organizations around the world. ARWU ranked it within the top 10 colleges in the UK and as one of the top 150 colleges in the world. QS ranked it at number 22 on its list of the best colleges in the UK and at number 130 on its list of top global colleges. The university operates a large campus in China and has an online system that is open to students from around the world.

University of Liverpool Accreditation Details

When looking at accreditation for a college or university, you might check with the United States Department of Education. Colleges that operate outside of the country do not need the same type of accreditation that those operating within the country need. The University of Liverpool received a Royal Charter, which is similar to the approval given by the Department of Education in America. It also has approval from the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education. As with accrediting organizations in the United States, the QAA performs frequent inspections and meets with representatives from the university to ensure that it meets the requirements necessary for approval.

The University of Liverpool also reached out and applied for accreditation from some international organizations and organizations located in the United States. The AACSB, which accredits business, management and accounting programs, granted the university accreditation and renewed its accreditation every time it came up for renewal. Students looking for information on the university will find that it is one of the top one percent of all colleges in the world today and that it ranks as one of the top 24 colleges for research studies. Those factors helped the university gain accreditation from national and international organizations.

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University of Liverpool Application Requirements

As the University of Liverpool is a British school, it has different requirements for admission that American schools might. Though the admissions application is available online, students are also responsible for ensuring that the school receives copies of any documentation required for acceptance. The online application is a basic form that asks students to explain what they want to study and why, list the schools they previously attended, list the grades they received in school and explain if they have any degrees or certificates.

Students must also write a personal statement as part of the application process. This is similar to the essays found on some American applications. Students should clearly describe how any past work will assist them in their college studies, what they hope to do with the degrees they earn and how the school can help them. The University of Liverpool also requires that all students submit two letters of recommendation from their high school teachers, supervisors they worked with or others who have a familiarity with their work. Students should also send an official transcript to the university. The university accepts some copied documents online but requires official copies of other documents.

Tuition and Fees

The University of Liverpool charges a flat rate for international students to help keep their costs down. That rate comes in at around £16,800, which is around $25,000 a year. The university expects students to pay their tuition and fees in full within the first few weeks of classes. Factor in the cost of textbooks, meals, supplies and a place to live and your price can reach $35,000 or more each year. Those taking classes online will find that the university charges a flat rate of $29,000. While this cost is a little high, the University of Liverpool offers multiple payment options for students. One option lets you make equal payments over the course of 36 months to pay off your tuition. The university also offers a reduced price for students who pay their total tuition upfront.

When attending an American college or university, you can complete the Free Application for Student Financial Aid and receive some assistance from the government, but you generally cannot borrow money for an international school. The University of Liverpool does offer some scholarships for students at the undergraduate level. You can also apply for scholarships through private and public organizations that let you use the money for any school expense. Private student loans are also available for those attending classes from an international school.

Psychology Programs

The University of Liverpool offers two psychology programs for students who want to take classes and earn a degree online. Its applied psychology is more of a general program designed for students who want to put practical knowledge into use. Students take many classes on counseling and mental health issues, which teach them how to identify signs of depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and other mental conditions in patients. They also take classes on industrial organizational psychology to learn more about ergonomics, product design, how people use supplies and how people act and respond to stumuli in the workplace. Students entering the advanced psychology program will also need to complete a dissertation.

Those interested in crimes and deviant behavior might enroll in the Investigative and Forensic Psychology, which allows students to earn an advanced graduate degree in just one year. The program requires that students take classes on complex issues ranging from sexual and physical abuse to memory and stress. They then learn how forensic experts use the responses of others and evidence when investigating crimes and testifying in court. The last component of the program is a research element. The University of Liverpool expects all online and offline students to complete a dissertation on a forensic psychology topic and complete independent research on that topic.

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