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The Data Behind Why Gen Y Yuppies Are Unhappy

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The editors at Best Psychology Degrees decided to research the topic of:

The Data Behind Why Gen Y Yuppies Are Unhappy

What is making GYPSY's unhappy?

-Happiness = Reality - Expectation
-When reality turns out to be worse than the expectations people are unhappy
-Genealogy of Happiness:

Lucy's Grandparents

-G.I. Generation: (Born 1902-1924)
-Great Depression
-Valued Economic Security
-Wanted parents to "see greener pastures" than they did
-Real GDP Per Capita 1924: $6233*
-Real GDP Per Capita 1946: $9197
-47% Growth
-Almost no growth 1924-1939

Lucy's Parents

-Baby Boomers: (Born 1946-1964)
-Brought up to envision stable, prosperous careers
-Knew hard work was necessary
-Booming economy
-Real GDP Per Capita 1964: $12,773
-Real GDP Per Capita 1986: $21,236
-66% Growth
-240% Growth Since 1924
-They did better than expected, leaving them gratified and optimistic.


-Generation Y: (Born 1977-1994)
-Brought up with a sense of unbounded possibility
-Optimistic: 88% say they either have/earn enough money now or expect they will in the future
-Only 9% say they don't think they will ever have enough to live the life they want.
-46% of Gen Y said they expect to be better off than their parents
-"Shoot for the moon, even if you miss you will land among the stars!"
-Secure prosperous careers no longer cut it
-GYPSYs want a fulfilling career
-GYPSYs are delusional
-Each individual GYPSY thinks that he or she is destined for something even better than all other GYPSYs
-80% of GYPSYs believe that they are "very important."
-In 1950, only 12% considered themselves to be "very important"
-Lucy considers a great career a given
-Just a matter choosing which way to go
-In a study that measured psychological entitlement and narcissism:
-Gen Y: 25 percent higher than Gen X and 50 percent higher than those over 61
-Gen Y's were twice as likely to rank in the top 20 percent in their level of entitlement - the "highly entitled range" - as Gen X and 4x more likely than those 60+
-Gen Yers care most about: a) high salaries b) lots of leisure time
-Gen X: showed greater awareness that a hefty paycheck comes with a hefty workload
-"This entitlement leads to chronic disappointment" -University of New Hampshire management professor Paul Harvey
-Out of college, Lucys (average) Reality - (high) Expectations= (negative) -Happiness
-GYPSYs are Taunted
-Social media has enabled a phenomenon: Image Crafting
-Image Crafting is cultivating an inflated online profile of oneself
-Social media has created a new world for this generation:
-A world where:
-Things other people do are in the open
-People inflate their existence
-People who are doing the best broadcast the most
-Social scientists at Humboldt University and Darmstadt's Technical University found that among young people:
-The most common emotion aroused by using Facebook is envy
-The more they visit Facebook, the more dissatisfied they are
-And the more they visit Facebook, the worse they feel